Campaign fields

If you are adding or editing a campaign here’s some guidance on entering the field details.

Campaign Details
Field Description
Name Enter the name of the campaign. 
Type Select the type of your campaign based on the below values: 

  • Newsletter
  • Email
  • Telesales 
  • Mail
  • Print
  • Web
  • Radio  
  • Television
  • Networking
  • Other 
Status Campaign can be managed using its statuses like Running, Planning, On Hold, Finished and Cancelled. Quiddity manages the workflow and restricts editing campaign based on its statuses. 

Planning: This status will be used when you are planning for any campaign.  

Running: When the campaign is on, you need to change campaign status to Running. Any leads against campaign can be logged only when its status is Running.  

On Hold: This status will be used when you need to put the campaign on hold for time being. The campaign will then be in ‘View’ mode.  Marketing Manager can change the status from ‘On Hold’ to any other status. When he is changing the ‘on hold’ status to any other status, he needs to add the reason for this action. This reason will be logged under ‘activity records’. 

Finished: This status will be used when the campaign is finished. Campaign will be switched to View Mode. The campaign will then be in ‘View’ mode.  Marketing Manager can change the status from ‘Finished’ to any other status. 

Cancelled: This status will be used when you need to cancel any campaign. The campaign will be switched to View Mode. You can change the status to any other status while doing it, you need to add the reason for this action which will be logged under ‘activity records’. 

Owner Select your marketing manager as campaign owner. To grant this permission to an employee, click on ’Menu -> Setup -> Permission -> Admin Permission -> check Marketing Manager permission’. 
Start Date  Enter the start date of the campaign. 
End Date  Enter the end date of the campaign. 

Based on the start date and end date, Quiddity checks the campaign status and notifies you to change it.  

When the campaign reaches its start date and if its status is not Running, Quiddity will prompt a message like “Today is the campaigns start date and selected status is Planning. Please change the status to Running or start date to future date to create its leads.“   

 Similarly, when the campaign crosses end date and status is planning or running, it will prompt messages to users like “The campaign has already crossed its end date and the status is still Planning. Please update its status to record the final data.”

Budget Enter the campaign’s budgeted amount. 
Expected Revenue  Enter the campaign’s expected revenue amount. 
Expected Leads  Enter campaign’s number of expected leads. 
Actual leads  This information will be captured automatically from leads generated for the campaign. 
Actual cost  Enter actual cost spent for the campaign. 
Actual Revenue  This information will be captured automatically from converted leads for the campaign.  
Description Enter the description for the campaign. 
Attachments Attach multiple documents related to the campaign 

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