Setup your Quiddity Account

After activating your Quiddity account, you can follow simple steps to setup your Organisation details, contact details, financial details and setting up the prefix for all your CRM entities. You can also set these entities at the later stage. General Setting You can manage your time zone, records per page, [...]

Manage Organisation Employees

Teams Your organisation’s team structure can exactly be followed in your CRM using Quiddity’s teams feature. To view your teams, click on ‘Menu -> Setup -> Manage Organisation -> Team’. Click on ‘add team’ to add new teams. Active teams can be selected while adding employees. Clicking on ‘no. of [...]

Manage Organisation Details

There are certain organisation specific details which is common for all the employees across the organisation. Organisation profile To manage your organisation profile, click on ‘Menu -> Setup -> Organisation -> Profile’. You can manage organisation contact details, the ABN and ACN number. In order to have a personalised look [...]

Manage Personal Details

You can manage your personal details and have the personalised experience of using Quiddity along with managing your customers easily. Profile Click on ‘User Name -> View Profile’, which is at the top right side of Quiddity application. Update your profile picture using ‘Change Picture’ option. For the best result [...]

Quiddity and MailChimp integration overview

Combine the power of marketing and sales. Quiddity integrates with MailChimp, making it easier to select your target market by keeping all your contacts in one place. You can export selected contacts and contact persons along with its associated tags to your MailChimp campaign lists. You will also be able to create a […]

Access MailChimp integration functionalities in Quiddity

Quiddity organisation employees having a write/edit permission to ‘MailChimp Connect’ can setup MailChimp integration.   To grant this permission to an employee, click on ‘Menu -> Setup -> Permission -> Edit Permission -> Modules and Accessibility -> Setup –> App Connect’. 

 Quiddity organisation employees having a write/edit permission to ‘MailChimp’ can access and manage MailChimp campaigns […]

Setup MailChimp integration

You can setup Quiddity and MailChimp integration in Quiddity’s web application following the below steps: 1. Log into Quiddity. 2. Click on the menu icon  and ‘Setup -> App Connect -> MailChimp’ 3. You can even access the ‘Connect to MailChimp’ option under ‘Marketing -> Campaigns’. Click on ‘Connect to […]