Enquiry fields

If you are adding or editing an enquiry here’s some guidelines on entering the field details.

General Information
Field Description
Reference Enter the reference name for an enquiry.
First Name Enter the first name of the person doing an enquiry.
Last Name Enter the last name of the person doing an enquiry.
Company Name Enter company name of the person doing an enquiry.
Email Enter the email address of the person doing an enquiry.
Phone Enter the phone number of the person doing an enquiry.
Mobile Enter the mobile number of the person doing an enquiry.
Fax Enter the fax number of the person doing an enquiry.
Source Select the source of an enquiry based on the below values:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website
  • Complaint
  • Other

You can add new source value by clicking on ‘+’ icon. You can modify (add more or delete/edit the existing ones) the source values by clicking on ‘Menu -> Setting -> Enquiry -> Enquiry Source’.

Campaign Select the campaign if an enquiry has come through any campaign.
Enquiry for Select the employee whom you want to assign this enquiry.
Status Enquiries can be managed using its statuses like unacknowledged, acknowledged, converted, lost, cancelled.

Unacknowledged: Any enquiry coming in for your business can be logged as ‘unacknowledged’.

Acknowledged: Once the sales-person or an employee follow-up with the enquired person, he/she can mark the enquiry as acknowledged.

Converted: An enquiry can be successfully converted into a business lead for an existing Quiddity contact or a new contact. You can change the status to converted when your enquiry is successfully converted.

Lost: There are chances that an enquiry is not successfully converted to a business lead. In this case, you can change the enquiry status to lost and mark the enquiry lost reason to analyse your business.

Cancelled: There is a possibility that an enquired person changes its requirement and the enquiry gets cancelled. You can mark the enquiry as cancelled in this case.

Location / Address Information
Location / Address Name Enter the name of the location of an enquiry.
Address Line 1 Enter the address line 1 of an enquiry.
Address Line 2 Enter the address line 2 of an enquiry.
Country Select the country of an enquiry.
Suburb / Town / City Enter the suburb name of an enquiry.
State / Province Select the state of an enquiry.
Postal / ZIP Code Enter the postal code of an enquiry.
Select (address) from Google
  • Use this option if you do not want to enter the address manually.
  • Clicking on it will give you the search bar, which will search the address from Google.
  • Select the required address and click on the ‘select’ button. The address field will be auto-filled.

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