Deep link feature

You can easily navigate between the two applications i.e. Xero and Quiddity. There is an option to ‘go to Quiddity’ in Xero and an option ‘view in Xero’ in Quiddity.

Quiddity has two types of deep linking.

Two-way deep linking

Invoices and Purchase orders which are sent from Quiddity to Xero will have an option to ‘go to Quiddity’ in Xero and ‘view in Xero’ in Quiddity. Invoice/Purchase list and its details page have an option to ‘View in Xero’ in Quiddity.

One-way deep linking

Contacts, suppliers, invoices, products, services and employees which are imported from Xero will have ‘view in Xero’ option in Quiddity. As Quiddity is not updating these details in Xero, ‘view in Quiddity’ option is not available in Xero. ‘View in Xero’ option will be available on the list and details page of the imported entity.

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